Nothing is forever,
not even PFAS.

PFAS BioSolutions

Fungi are master alchemists at breaking down carbon chains, like wood and plant biomass.

PFAS, microplastics, petroleum, and many other pollutants are also carbon based. Fungi hold the secrets to clean our environment of these toxins.

At Myconaut, we are on track to bring these kinds of solutions to market and working to create non exportable jobs in the emerging BioEconomy.

Soil analysis in the lab

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How it works

Examining Fungi Interaction

Myconaut is dedicated to advancing the understanding of fungal bioremediation and its potential applications in addressing environmental challenges, such as PFAS contamination.

We are engaged in ongoing research to explore how specific fungal species interact with and may contribute to the breakdown of pollutants in soil environments.

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Soil analysis in the lab

Soil Sample Collection

A key aspect of Myconaut's research involves the careful collection and analysis of soil samples.

By studying the composition of soil from potentially contaminated sites, including the presence of PFAS and the diversity of microbial life.

We gather valuable data that informs our understanding of bioremediation processes and guides our research efforts.