Built by curious humans

MycoNaut founders Joe Lane and Ryan Iacovacci met while obtaining their Wild Foraging Certificate. With their shared interests in fermentation, food discovery, and of course, mushrooms, they became fast friends, and thus– MycoNaut was born. They’ve been growing, harvesting, preserving, and selling wild and cultivated mushrooms for the better part of a decade.


Ryan Iacovacci

While Ryan's academic background is in International Relations, his passion for sustainable living led him to accrue 15 years of practical experience in agriculture. His expertise spans small and large-scale permaculture initiatives, as well as local food distribution systems. Seeking a deeper connection to the land, Ryan relocated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 2016, establishing a homestead at Moon Mountain, where he continue to embrace a self-sufficient lifestyle.


Joe Lane

Joe brings a strong scientific foundation to his work, holding a B.S. in Biology from Northern Michigan University. Since 2017, he has been actively involved in various facets of the local food system, driven by his passion for food science and fermentation. Joe's interests extend beyond the laboratory, as he is an avid mushroom forager and dedicated to expanding his knowledge of fungi.